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Seattle Well-Being Health and Wellness Coaching
About us
What is health & wellness coaching? 

Health & wellness coaching is a way to make space in your life to develop foundations for lasting change and ongoing personal development. This work supports your return to living with a deep sense of purpose and wellbeing in every aspect of life, rather than merely offering a quick fix, temporary relief, or management of dysfunction.

We all hold the keys to free ourselves from what limits and stifles us. That being so, we sometimes feel stuck, going round in circles. Taking the steps to make loving changes may feel overwhelming, anxiety-producing, confusing - or you simply may think you don't have 'time'. Partnering with a health coach supports the rediscovery of those misplaced keys that unlock you from harmful patterns, limiting behaviors and false beliefs - so you may live the fullness of you.

My approach at Seattle Well-Being is based on supporting clients to make changes based on a

foundational sense of wholeness and enrichment within. This work is simple yet profound, universally applicable - and fun too!

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I specialize in supporting YOU with:

Everyday Healthy Choices

How we live our everyday life is our best medicine. It is not just our life 'style' but more our life 'quality' that makes all the difference. We partner to explore everything from the quality of your relationship with food, sleep, and exercise, to more omnipresent choices, like how you move, breathe and hold your body. Even subtle changes in just one of these areas engenders profound effects on your well-being

Relationships & Communication

Life is about people. Feeling unable to clearly express how we are feeling, and lacking true intimacy with others is a major obstacle to well-being. We partner together to tap into your natural ways of expression, the alchemy of true connection, and the power of heart-felt communication.

Body Awareness and Movement

The body is constantly giving us the messages to support us to live true - with real self-care and tenderness. Do we truly listen? When overriding the body's signals, we make and cement unhealthy behavior patters. In our work together we work to learn to listen more closely to the body's messages, and 'uncement' ourselves from health-sabotaging choices. 

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Anxiety, Exhaustion & Overwhelm

An unspoken pandemic, many of us live with daily anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm. There is another way. We work together to find a natural rhythm and restorative way to move with settlement, vitality and spaciousness in our days.

Getting 'Unstuck'

Nothing is greater than being in connection, present with ourselves. When disconnected, we become a 'walking head' with circling, racy chatter and repetitive thinking patterns. This 'stuckness' in our thoughts keeps us equally stuck in our lives. We partner together to rein-in the "wild-horse" mind so that - instead of it running the show - you harness it back to being the tool of the being you are, and thus break out of stuck patterns.

Grief & Loss

Experiencing grief and loss can feel heavy and all-encompassing. But whether from a death, end of a relationship, decline in health, career loss, or grief for the state of the world - there is a potency to the realization and evolution on offer after loss.Together, we make space to for all that is arising, and to reconnect to lightness, purpose and joy.

Confidence                Freedom                Connection                Purpose                Balance               Joy   

The best way to capture what Deborah does is to say, as a healer, she held the space for me to figure out how to awaken and heal myself. It is hard to find words to say how grateful I feel for the enlightenment I gained through our discussions - about the way to be still and gentle with myself, and to open up and be vulnerable. One of the things I've appreciated the most is her perfect mix of "out there" and “real.” Working with Deborah really changed me at my core.


Working with Deborah has been nothing short of magic; she has an intuitive way of tapping into energetic flow and helping deepen a connection with self. Through our healing sessions, I've been able to ground deeper into my authentic nature, find stillness, release hurts, and move into a steady and profound rhythm of self-love.


Deborah embodies the loving presence that she teaches in her work.  During my many sessions with Deborah, I have felt subtle and profound shifts in the energy in various organs, allowing the way I hold myself and my story to shift into more openness, trust, and integration in my being. I experience Deborah as a teacher who holds my well-being with fierce love, encouraging me to take hold of the truth of the way things are, and to trust that completely.  Anyone who gets a chance to work with Deborah is fortunate!

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Deborah helped me so much through my journey with...well with everything!  Especially during my times trying to get pregnant.  Her work made a huge difference in my life, my habits and my ability to honor myself in little ways that make a big difference.  I had twins not long after our time together and then a third little blessing arrived one year after. I thank her for her authenticity and have the utmost respect for and hold such a high value for her great work.

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