At Seattle Well-Being, we combine wellness counseling and hands-on bodywork to teach each person to uncomplicate the daily stresses we carry and are striving to heal. Clients have reported significant benefits and found support working through a myriad of life challenges, including:

  • Relationship & Interpersonal Conflicts

  • Parenting, Pregnancy, & Fertility

  • Anxiety & Overwhelm

  • Exhaustion & Fatigue

  • Depression

  • Physical Tension & Pain  

  • Sexual, Physical or Emotional Abuse 

  • Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Healing the root cause of these conditions is best met with an integration of bodywork and therapeutic conversation. The unique techniques at Seattle Well-Being combine the release of muscular and skeletal tension held, while also identifying and addressing the layered ideas, beliefs, and behaviors that are our barriers to evolution and personal development. This rare approach encourages the release of both the body's physical tension while teaching clients to self-heal and return to our natural qualities of connection and harmony. This work is about truly healing your life. It does not offer a quick fix or temporary relief but is about healing the root cause of what is feeding disharmony. We always take it at your pace, but with the loving intention to ultimately leave no stone unturned. This can be a bit confronting, but we take a light-hearted, tender approach - and there is so much love and beauty within each of us to return to that it is more than worth it.  


We also offer traditional therapeutic massage focused on women's health - including massage therapy for women, prenatal massage and fertility massage. All our services are complementary to conventional medicine and come down to making simple, self-loving choices that give you space to consistently feel light, clear and naturally vital.  Through this gentle, honest and heart-centered approach to wellness, we are offered the opportunity to make the changes that support us to meet daily stressors in a way that is not merely managing symptoms, providing a 'quick fix' or temporary relief - but truly life-changing. 

This is evolutionary natural health care.

I experience Deborah as a teacher who holds my well-being with fierce love, encouraging me to take hold of the truth of the way things are, and to trust that completely.  Anyone who gets a chance to work with Deborah is fortunate!

Deborah Savran

Deborah grew up in a family where healing, meditation and philosophy were a part of the everyday experience. She has a degree in naturopathy from Southern Cross University in Australia, and over 20 years experience as an integrative healthcare practitioner, with a speciality in prenatal care, postnatal care and fertility care. She also specializes in meditation, wellness counseling and bodywork to overcome anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion - and to support a healthy relationship with self and others. Deborah has a strong background in music, movement and dance which she integrates into her offerings. She understands that her work is rooted in "walking her talk”

and bringing healing into everyday life. 



Classes and Workshops

The best way to capture what Deborah does is to say, as a healer, she held the space for me to figure out how to awaken and heal myself. It is hard to find words to say how grateful I feel for the enlightenment I gained through our discussions - about the way to be still and gentle with myself, and to open up and be vulnerable. One of the things I've appreciated the most is her perfect mix of "out there" and “real.” Working with Deborah really changed me at my core.


Working with Deborah has been nothing short of magic; she has an intuitive way of tapping into energetic flow and helping deepen a connection with self. Through our healing sessions, I've been able to ground deeper into my authentic nature, find stillness, release hurts, and move into a steady and profound rhythm of self-love.


Finance Director

For more than a decade, Deborah's hands have freed me from tension and created tranquility in almost monthly sessions.  Her caring highlights my search for healthiness.


Deborah embodies the loving presence that she teaches in her work.  During my many sessions with Deborah, I have felt subtle and profound shifts in the energy in various organs, allowing the way I hold myself and my story to shift into more openness, trust, and integration in my being. I experience Deborah as a teacher who holds my well-being with fierce love, encouraging me to take hold of the truth of the way things are, and to trust that completely.  Anyone who gets a chance to work with Deborah is fortunate!

Philanthropic Adviser

Deborah helped me so much through my journey with...well with everything!  Especially during my times trying to get pregnant.  Her work made a huge difference in my life, my habits and my ability to honor myself in little ways that make a big difference.  I had twins not long after our time together and then a third little blessing arrived one year after. I thank her for her authenticity and have the utmost respect for and hold such a high value for her great work.

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