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coaching for grief & loss

My offering of coaching in support of people moving through grief and loss deepened when I myself experienced the passing of my teenage son, and then my father less than a year later. My approach is a merging of two seemingly parallel worlds. One offers a held space to feel the depth of human grief and loss that is there to move through. The other offers the space to feel and explore the present relationship and connection still on offer, and thus ongoing expansion and release from the heaviness of the consciousness of grief and/or death. It is based out of my training as a health and wellness coach, but also from my own lived experience of the lightness and joy that can be lived even after the sudden and traumatic loss of a child. 


Consciousness is often thought of as the definition of being aware or awake. But consciousnesses also means perception, and perception is an alignment. We may align to how we perceive we are supposed to be, how others are supposed to be, how something is supposed to be. In relation to grief, there are many various consciousnesses that are easy to get caught up in - each one with its unique set of qualities and impositions. Each on is like a waterfall that - when we allow ourselves to get swept down its stream - we enter a whole package of contraction of ideas and pressure around how we should and shouldn’t feel, act, move, speak and live. We tend to use these limited perceptions to try and understand how to be with ourselves and others, but there another way. 

what to expect in a session

Each session is individually curated to support clients where they are at and what they are ready for. Sessions begin with conversations about how grief and loss is presenting from an emotional and energetic perspective, and also in terms practical aspects of daily living - like sleep, eating, your personal space at home and work, exercise and more. As grief and loss deeply affect the body, many clients may feel supported to also integrate body-focused aspect of care. Therefore, this service may include meditation and body awareness practices, sound and vibrational healing, and - for in person sessions - gentle hands on energy healing as called for.


If you are coming for an in-person session you are also welcome to relax after your coaching session in our sauna. Our sauna has been closed during COVID, but is soon to be open again. The sauna is FREE to use for a nurturing 30-minutes on the same day as your booked appointment, and our locker room also offers you showers to rinse off and leave feeling refreshed & renewed.

BYO towels, and toiletries.

I welcome you to book a complimentary 15 minute online informational session.

We do not need to carry grief.
To carry grief does not mean we loved the person.
To carry grief also does not mean we did not love the person. 

It is just carrying grief. 

~ Deborah Savran

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