True beauty is how we feel inside, which is then reflected radiantly outward!  It emanates from every angle of our face, every curve of our body, and is magnified by even the slightest movement. It needs no maintenance or touch ups - it is just waiting to be lived. Energetic Facial Release is a true beauty treatment that supports you to reconnect to this in yourself.  

Imagine receiving a treatment that brings out your beauty by supporting a release of the underlying emotions, tensions and guarding held tightly in your body, and thus reflected in your face.   Jaw clenching, teeth gritting, brow furrowing, eye strain and over-dramatized facial expressions are just some examples of how we may experience this disharmony, and reflect it to those around us. Energetic Facial Release is a specialized healing arts method, with ancient roots, that is very delicate and deeply relaxing.  The end result is a naturally radiant face that reflects true vitality and harmony. 

You will notice a difference in how you feel and look after one treatment, and additional sessions help you to deepen that foundation.  From that deepening, the ongoing changes rest on simple, profound choices of truly letting go of layers of tension - thus naturally holding the muscles of your face and body tenderly and gracefully. 

What Can I expect in a Session?

  • check in with physical and emotional space to clarify and guide what the healing session is to be focused on

  • you will be fully clothed and as comfortably dressed as you like, on a massage table with comfortable propping and warm eye pillows and coverings.

  • gentle, nurturing touch on the face

  • in addition to facial massage, whole body treatment to assist in the overall release of tension


​Deborah has a unique and keen sense of the human body - she can read her clients bodies and energy. Not only did I feel physically at peace and grounded after each session but I also felt like I had visited a "body therapist."  While visiting Deborah I was in a sacred space. I am forever grateful.

~W.D. Business Owner

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