energy healing

The gentle energy work I practice is in response to the truth that it is rare to meet a person who lives with deep settlement. Without this, the qualities of joy, natural vitality and lightness that make up the true meaning of the word "healthy" are elusive, or inconsistent at best. Instead, the world is rife with people living with angst, subtle to overwhelming levels of anxiety, fatigue, depression, reactivity and general uneasiness on a daily basis. This has become the norm and - while some may be able to manage or control the underlying unease, and function day to day - one who lives with steady consistency and vibrant wellness has become a rare anomaly.

The energy healing at Seattle Well-Being is about getting to the root causes of what feeds unsettlement, and offering the space to clear impositions from the body so that your own natural energy may begin to flow more freely. We offer practical and philosophical tools to expose what keeps us from this naturally harmonious state of being. The path walked with this work is to return to the deep settlement within, and to live our natural state of well-being, regardless (or in spite of) any challenges we are meeting in our life and what the world is presenting to us.​

This approach to healing is founded on the Ageless Wisdom, with the understanding of a grandness inherent in each of us - that everything you need is found within yourself. It is also not just about you healing yourself, but you stepping into a sense of greater lived purpose in life. 

what to expect in a session

The first step in your session begins with conversation and connection about what is "up" in your life, and how you are feeling in your body. The next step is settling onto the heated massage table, carefully draped with blankets and warm compresses in preparation for the gentle, hands-on component of the energy healing session. You will remain fully clothed. I work with the highest integrity and deep honoring of confidentiality.

Relax after your energy healing session in our sauna! The sauna has been closed during COVID, but is soon to be open again! Our sauna is FREE to use for a luxurious 30-minutes on the same day as your booked appointment, and our locker room also offers you showers to rinse off and leave feeling refreshed & renewed.

BYO towels, and toiletries.

Deborah has a unique and keen sense of the human body - she can read her clients bodies and energy. Not only did I feel physically at peace and grounded after each session but I also felt like I had visited a "body therapist."  

While visiting Deborah I was in a sacred space. I am forever grateful.

~W.D. Business Owner