Lifestyle & Well-Being Consultations

This work opens your body to awaken in new ways. Deborah acts as a facilitator for you to dig deep within to find your true self and your own love energy. Most importantly, I've been able to start the healing process from many pieces of my life that have manifested in daily anxiety. I am so appreciative of her work.  It is like nothing else out there.  ~ P.B.

Our day to day lifestyle choices are our best form of medicine. Having a guide to support you in making changes in the quality of how you go about your day is the road to healing your life, without adding more to your 'to-do list'. It is never about what we do, but rather the quality that we hold in our body that makes all the difference. Lifestyle and well-being consultation sessions are customized to reflect what each person's life situation is calling for, and may include considerations around many self-care related topics, such as:


Food and eating habits

Sleep and rest patterns


Stress management

Healthy work life

Letting go of tension held

Relationship challenges

Breaking down harmful ideas and beliefs


Whatever the topic, the focus is always on returning to your natural state of well-being. By increasing awareness of the energy you are in and deepening presence in the body, we are able to name and discard layers of harmful behaviors, patterns, ideas and beliefs that feed a disharmonious way of functioning through rather than truly living life - always at your own pace.






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