Sacred Esoteric Healing
Covid-19 update:

In consideration of the state-wide shut down of spas and wellness centers in Washington and around the world, and the ongoing recommendations for social distancing, Seattle Well-Being is temporarily offering online healing services on a "pay what you can" sliding fee scale from $0-$70. Many in our community have just lost their source of income for an undetermined time, but may need healing support more than ever. Seattle Well-Being is committed to making this available to the community in a truly affordable way.  Online sessions includes personal development and wellness coaching, followed by a distance healing.

Email us at for booking.

Sacred Esoteric Healing is an advanced form of energy work. Esoteric literally means “inner most” and is a word that describes healing that is about simply connecting. Connecting to who we are, returning to the wholeness and beauty of living soulfully from the inner-heart that dwells within us all.

Conventional medicine and Esoteric medicine are the perfect marriage, as conventional medicine attends to the human body, while Esoteric medicine honors the fact that we all have a spirit that dwells inside the human body that is distinctively different from our soul. It is the spirit that needs its own type of medicine. The medicine it requires is to heal its undermining, wayward ways, and its use of a form of energy that the physical body must process and clear so we can return to our natural way of living - soulfully.

Sacred Esoteric Healing supports us:

  • To deal with and let go of the heaviness of emotions held in the body. 

  • To understand and re-imprint our childhood issues and other energetic imprints from our life that have no physical marking, yet certainly hurt us when we do not attend to healing them.

  • To help us get unstuck from sabotaging behaviors, defensive posturing, and the underlying false ideas and beliefs that make us the kind of adult that is anxious, depressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, heavy, reactive or irritable.

  • To return to the true expression of the adult we can be.  

  • To live our natural way of being that is joyful, loving, harmonious, purposeful and responsive.



This work is founded on the understanding that everything you need is found within yourself. It is also not just about you healing yourself, but you stepping into a sense of greater purpose in your life. It is about the very simple choice of being the love that we are. Simply being who we truly are is a return to a wholeness we have never lost. When we live in a way that reflects this, we feel the grandness of how our reflection helps to heal those around us.

What Can I Expect in a Session?

  • Therapeutic conversations to share and deepen awareness of what is "up" and present at the moment to heal.

  • Taking stock of what is truly supportive in the practical, simple day-to-day choices in lifestyle and rhythm.

  • Meditation and other body awareness techniques

  • Hands-on, gentle energy work. You will be fully clothed, and carefully draped with blankets and warm compresses.







Working with Deborah has been nothing short of magic; she has an intuitive way of tapping into energetic flow and helping deepen a connection with self. Through our esoteric healing sessions, I've been able to ground deeper into my authentic nature, find stillness, release hurts, and move into a steady and profound rhythm of self-love.  ~M.C.
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